5/28 Emergency Post Before The Clock Strikes 12

Well, I got the ol' Neocities subdomain transfered over to a true and honest .net domain. WebDAV wasn't that hard to set up, although the Neocities help page could have been clearer. I ended up looking it up on the Arch Wiki since I use Dolphin instead of Nautilus for my file browser anyways. I use Arch, btw.

Starting tomorrow, my main goal for this website it to have something new written on here every single day. Of course, if I am on vacation or otherwise unable to reach my keyboard, I may have to break that policy. Nevertheless, rest assured I will recap such endeavors as soon as possible. Of course, I will not just be posting my daily happenings, as that might get boring after awhile. "Today I sat on my computer for eight hours and watched mindless entertainment on YouTube,". Nobody wants to read about that. In between slice of life status updates, I will try to spice it up with reviews, personal anecdotes, what if's, retrospectives, deep dives, original media content, and whatever else I can think of.

I am writing these entries with the assumption that not a soul besides me will be reading them. As such, I am curating this website purely for my own benefit. If you are a stranger reading this, hello! I hope you find some enjoyment out of this website. Personally, in the past I have found myself reading up on these sorts of websites. For whatever reason, I find entertainment out of learning about the daily lives, beliefs, and writings of others. Just the other week I was searching up information on Chris Houlihan, the lad who got himself a shoutout hidden inside The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, when I stumbled upon this quirky little website. Seriously do give that website a look, some of those articles are a real time capsule. Especially this one. Hey, maybe in a decade, somebody will look at THIS website and say, "Wow! This sure was made in the 2020s. I bet it'd be cool if I made my own website. With blackjack, and hookers!". That's not to say I am inspired by that website specifically, but it is definitely the most recent example that comes to mind.

Well, that seems like enough for the first entry to my website. That took a little longer than I expected, I hope the clock didn't pass over into the 29th yet. Wouldn't wanna have to post twice in the same day, that'd be unscrupulous!

Posted May 29th 2023 12:03AM