Waking Up In The Morning

I don't think it is necessary to wake up early in the day if you don't have anything planned until the evening. As humans, we are not often spared the chance to sleep in, so it seems reasonable to me that on such days one should take that chance and run, or rather sleep, with it. Personally I have trouble staying up in the morning and trouble falling asleep in the night. I found out a few months ago that this is biological. From this revelation, I feel it would make more sense to try to limit the amount of times that teens have to wake up so early. The most obvious candidate is school, which in my area starts up at 8am. The thing is, most classmates I know end up getting there at 7:30 or even earlier because they ride the bus or because that is just most convenient for their parents. So in reality, for most students, school starts as early as 7:00. If you are like me, you live far enough away from the school (~35 minutes) to where you have to wake up at nearly 6am just to have a fair amount of time to wake up and get ready to drive to school.

However, I do actually see a teen-centric argument against pushing school forward, which is that pushing it forward also means pushing when it ends forward too. I savor every hour towards my free time I get in the evening, so if school closed at 4pm or 5pm that would mean the total amount of free time is reduced. Like I said, nobody really wants to wake up early if they don't have to. So what that means is you wake up just in time to get to school, and then all that's left is whatever time you have after school up until when you go to bed. Changing when school starts won't magically give you free time in the morning. It's being pushed forward for a reason, after all. I am not sure about others, but I feel sacrificing a bit of my sanity to wake up early each day is worth it if it means having more time to spend my time how I want.

Besides school, everything else in my life is always planned around the evening. I need to go somewhere with my friends? I'll do it in the evening. I'm attending a college tour? I'll do it in the evening. I need a job? Evening shifts, please. Now, evening shifts are not possible in every field. For instance, I aspire to be an accountant. Well, guess what, most accountants work a 9 to 5, and even then they still find themselves working overtime to stay on pace with their tasks. Still, of course, "9" has "8" (or realistically, "7" or "6") beat.

Status Update

You know, I am starting to feel a pattern arising for these article topics. That is, they are based on whatever I did when I woke up. Yesterday, I had a bowl of Chef Boyardee sphagetti & meatballs, so I wrote an article ranking Chef Boyardee cans. Today I woke up early, so I wrote an article about... waking up early. Hey, at the very least, expect a more interesting article coming up in the near future. I have a college visit to WVSU planned for June 1st, so expect me to write an article all about the experience afterwards. Maybe for tomorrow I can write my entire life story. I had it pretty rough in my childhood, so I could even give it a cool title like "My Struggle".

Posted May 30 2023 11:47AM